BEST 2013 slides and photos




Lynne Yengulalp – From subcompact to domain representable
Kostas Beros – Universal subgroups
Shehzad Ahmed – Admissible determinacy
Marion Scheepers – Remarks on countable tightness
Todd Eisworth – Higher cardinal characteristics and PCF
Kameryn Williams – A generalization of the notion of strong measure zero to quasi uniform spaces
David Chodounsky – Hausdorff gaps and towers
Masaru Kada – How many miles to beta(omega), after all?
Jay Williams – Cone measures and bi-embeddability of Kazhdan groups
Timothy Trujillo – A Ramsey classification theorem with an application to the Tukey theory of ultrafilters
Scott Schneider – Locally nilpotent group actions and hyperfinite equivalence relations
Thilo Weinert – Partition relations for linear orders in a non-choice context
Grigor Sargsyan – Some new applications of core model induction

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