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Logic Colloquium 2019, Prague, August 11 – 16, 2019

European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, Logic Colloquium ’19 will take place during August 11th–16th in Prague, Czech Republic.

Program Committee

Lev Beklemishev (Moscow, chair), Andrew Arana (Paris), Agata Ciabattoni (Vienna), Russell Miller (New York), Martin Otto (Darmstadt), Pavel Pudlák (Prague), Stevo Todorčević (Toronto), Alex Wilkie (Manchester)

Organizing Committee

David Chodounský (co-chair), Jonathan Verner (co-chair), Petr Cintula, Radek Honzík, Jan Hubička, Pavel Pudlák, Jan Starý, Neil Thapen


2018 North American ASL Meeting, Illinois, May 16-19, 2018


Association for Symbolic Logic

2018 North American Annual Meeting

May 16 – May 19, 2018

Western Illinois University • Macomb, Illinois


Invited Speakers:

Plenary Speakers:

JC Beall, University of Connecticut

A. Chernikov, University of California at Los Angeles
(Local distality and distal parts of stable theories)

B. Hart, McMaster University
(In defense of ultraproducts)

J. Knight, University of Notre Dame
(Roots of polynomials in generalized power series)

R. Nagloo, Bronx Community College
(Model theory and classical differential equations)

D. Sinapova, University of Illinois at Chicago
(Stronger tree properties and the SCH)

S. Solecki, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(Fra\”iss\’e limits and compact spaces)

A. Weiermann, Ghent University, Belgium
(Generalized Goodstein sequences and notation systems for finite numbers)


A. Marks, University of California at Los Angeles
(Descriptive set theory and geometric paradoxes)

T. Slaman, University of California at Berkeley
(Recursion theory and Diophantine approximation)

Special Sessions:
  • Computability (L. Bienvenu and K. Lange)
  • Logic and Philosophy (C. Franks)
  • Model Theory (J. Freitag and J. Marikova)
  • Proof Theory (H. Towsner)
  • Set Theory (D. Sinapova and A. Tserunyan)

Logic Colloquium 2018, Udine, July 23 – 28, 2018

The Logic Col­lo­quium 2018 is the an­nual Eu­ro­pean summer meeting of the As­so­ci­a­tion of Sym­bolic Logic (ASL), that will be held during July 23—28, 2018 at the Uni­ver­sity of Udine, Italy.

Godel Lecture

Tu­to­rial Speakers

 Ple­nary Speakers

De­scrip­tive set theory and dy­nam­ical sys­tems
Chairs: Asger Törn­quist, Ben Miller
Todor Tsankov Uni­ver­sité Paris Diderot
Julien Melleray Uni­ver­sité Lyon I
Robin Tuck­er-­Drob Texas A&M Uni­ver­sity
Clinton Conley Carnegie Mellon Uni­ver­sity


The Pro­gram Com­mittee mem­bers are:

The Local Or­ga­nizing Com­mittee in­cludes:

The 15th Asian Logic Conference, Korea, July 10–14, 2017

The Fifteenth Asian Logic Conference will be held in Daejeon, Korea during July 10 – 14, 2017. It will be the first Asian Logic Conference since its status changed from an ASL(the Association for Symbolic Logic)-sponsored meeting to an official ASL meeting by ASL Council action in May 2016.

The Asian Logic Conference (ALC) is a major international event in mathematical logic. It features the latest scientific developments in the fields in mathematical logic and its applications, logic in computer science, and philosophical logic. The ALC series also aims to promote mathematical logic in the Asia-Pacific region and to bring logicians together both from within Asia and elsewhere to exchange information and ideas.

From 1981 to 2008, the Asian Logic Conference has been held triennially and rotated among countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The previous meetings took place in Singapore (1981), Bangkok (1984), Beijing (1987), Tokyo (1990), Singapore (1993), Beijing (1996), Hsi-Tou (1999), Chongqing (2002), Novosibirsk (2005), and Kobe (2008). In 2008, the East Asian and Australasian Committees of the Association for Symbolic Logic decided to shorten the three-year cycle to two. The new two-year cycle began with the meeting in Singapore (2009), and subsequent meetings have been held in Wellington (2011), Guangzhou (2013), and Mumbai (2015).

Some of the previous meetings’ websites can be found HERE.

Plenary Speakers

  • Johann Makowsky (Technion IIT, Israel)
  •  Sara Negri (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  •  Yinhe Peng (University of Toronto, Canada)
  •  Katrin Tent (University of Münster, Germany)
  •  Kwangkeun Yi (Seoul National University, Korea)
  •  Yimu Yin (Sun Yat-sen University, China)
  •  Liang Yu (Nanjing University, China)
  •  Yizheng Zhu (University of Münster, Germany)

Special Session in ​Set Theory

  • Yurii Khomskii (University of Hamburg, Germany)
  • Paul Larson (Miami University, USA)
  • Diego Mejía (Shizuoka University, Japan)
  • Hiroshi Sakai (Kobe University, Japan)

Important Dates

May 12, 2017 : Deadline for contributed talk applications.

May 29, 2017 :

  • Deadline for the payment of reduced registration fee by bank transfer. (After this date, registration fee will no longer be accepted by bank transfer. Only on-site payment (in cash) of standard registration fee will be accepted during the first day of conference.)

  • Notification of the result of contributed talk applications.

June 30, 2017 (or when there are 120 registered participants before this date) : Registration closes.

July 10 – 14, 2017 : Conference

Logic Colloquium 2017, Stockholm, August 14-20, 2017

The Logic Colloquium 2017 (LC2017) is the 2017 Annual European summer meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) and will be held
during August 14-20, 2017 at the main campus of Stockholm University. The
Logic Colloquium 2017 is organised and hosted jointly by the Departments
of Mathematics and Philosophy at Stockholm University, and is also
supported by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

LC2017 will be co-located with two other logic-related events, all taking
place at Stockholm University:
— the 3rd Nordic Logic Summer School, NLS2017, August 7-12
— the 26th EACSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic, CSL2017,
August 20-24.

There will be a joint session of CSL2017 and LC2017 in the morning of
August 20.
Further information about all events can be found on

Plenary speakers:
• David Aspero (University of East Anglia)
• Alessandro Berarducci (Pisa)
• Elisabeth Bouscaren (Paris 11)
• Christina Brech (Sao Paolo)
• Sakae Fuchino (Kobe University)
• Denis Hirschfeldt (University of Chicago)
• Wilfrid Hodges (British Academy)
• Emil Jerabek (Prague)
• Per Martin-Löf (Stockholm University)
• Dag Prawitz (Stockholm University)
• Sonja Smets (University of Amsterdam)

Tutorial speakers:
• Patricia Bouyer-Decitre (LSV ENS Cachan)
• Mai Gehrke (Paris 7)

LC-CSL joint session highlight speakers:
• Veronica Becher (Buenos Aires)
• Pierre Simon (UC Berkeley)

Special session on set theory

  • William Chen (Ben Gurion University)
  • Brent Cody (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)
  • Ashutosh Kumar (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
  • Giorgio Laguzzi (Freiburg University)
  • Yann Pequignot (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Sandra Uhlenbrock (University of Vienna)

Abstracts of contributed talks must be submitted as pdf files via this
EasyChair page:
(If you do not have an EasyChair-account yet, you can create one at the
submission site.)

The abstracts must be prepared according to the ASL instructions here:
Please enter Title and Abstract as plain text. As the first keyword, put
the AMS 2010 classification: 03xxx

Abstracts of contributed talks submitted by ASL members, which are
accepted and prepared according to the ASL Rules for Abstracts will be
published in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic. Upon notification of
acceptance, authors will be requested to submit the LaTex source files.

ASL will provide some student grants for participation at the LC2017.


Abstract submission for contributed talks: May 5, 2017
Notification: TBA

• Rod Downey (University of Wellington)
• Mirna Dzamonja (PC chair, University of East Anglia)

• Ali Enayat (University of Gothenburg)
• Fernando Ferreira (University of Lisbon)
• Valentin Goranko (Stockholm University)
• Martin Hils (University of Münster)
• Sara Negri (University of Helsinki)
• Assaf Rinot (Bar-Ilan University)
• Igor Walukiewicz (University of Bordeaux)

• Mads Dam, Department of Theoretical Computer Science, KTH
• Valentin Goranko (OC co-chair), Department of Philosophy, Stockholm
• Sven-Ove Hansson, Department of Philosophy, KTH Royal Institute of
• Eric Johannesson, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University
• Vera Koponen, Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University
• Roussanka Loukanova, Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University
• Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine, Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University
• Peter Pagin, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University
• Anders Lundstedt, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University
• Erik Palmgren (OC co-chair), Department of Mathematics, Stockholm
• Dag Westerståhl, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University

For enquiries on scientific and programme issues, send email to Mirna
For enquiries on organising matters, send email to:

2017 North American ASL Meeting: March 20-23, 2017

Conference web site

Plenary speakers
M. Aschenbrenner (UCLA)
C. Conley (Carnegie Mellon University)
I. Kalimullin (Kazan Federal Univeristy)
P. Koellner (Harvard University)
A. Medvedev (City College of New York)
A. Rinot (Bar-Ilan University)
M. Seisenberger (Swansea University)

V. Harizanov (George Washington University)

Special Sessions
Continuous model theory (Bradd Hart and Ward Henson)
Computable structure theory (Denis Hirschfeldt and Russell Miller)
Applications of set theory to topology and analysis (Michael Hrusak and Marion Scheepers)
Complexity theory and automated proofs (Sam Buss and Vijay Ganesh)
Philosophy Session (Kenneth Easwaran and Catarina Dutilh Novaes)

Program Committee
Liljana Babinkostova, Boise State University
Gregory Cherlin, Rutgers University
Barbara Csima, University of Waterloo
Antonina Kolokolova, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Justin Moore (chair), Cornell University

Local organizers
Liljana Babinkostova
Andrew Cortens
Samuel Coskey
Stephen Crowley
Randall Holmes
Alex Jackson
Marion Scheepers

Logic Colloquium 2016, July 31- August 6, 2016

The Logic Colloquium 2016, organized under the auspices of the Association for Symbolic Logic, will be held at the University of Leeds (UK) from July 31 to August 6.

Plenary Speakers


Special Sessions

  • Set theory
    Organizers: Boban Velickovic, Itay Neeman

    • Andrew Marks – UCLA
    • David Schrittesser – University of Copenhagen
    • Anush Tserunyan – UI Urbana Champaign
    • Nam Trang – UC Irvine
  • Topic: Computability theory
    Organizers: Iskander Kalimullin, Sebastiaan Terwijn.
  • Topic: Formal Theories of Truth
    Organizers: Ole Hjortland, Dave Ripley
  • Topic: Homogeneous Structures: Model Theory meets Universal Algebra
    Organizers: Gregory Cherlin, Michael Pinsker
  • Topic: Model theory and limit structures
    Organizers: Rehana Patel, Cameron Hill
  • Topic: Proof theory and reverse mathematics
    Organizers: Andreas Weiermann, Antonio Montalban

Programme Committee

Logic Colloquium 2015, August 3-8, 2015

The annual European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, the Logic Colloquium 2015 (LC 2015), will be organized in Helsinki, Finland, 3-8 August 2015.

Logic Colloquium 2015 is co-located with the 15th Conference of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, CLMPS 2015, and with the SLS Summer School in Logic.

Plenary lectures

Toshiyasu Arai (Chiba)
Sergei Artemov (New York)
Steve Awodey (Pittsburgh)
Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam and Stanford)
Artem Chernikov (Paris)
Ilijas Farah (York)
Danielle Macbeth (Haverford)
Andrei Morozov (Novosibirsk)
Kobi Peterzil (Haifa)
Ralf Schindler (Münster)
Sebastian Terwijn (Nijmegen)


Erich Grädel (Aachen)
Menachem Magidor (Jerusalem).

Special sessions

organized by Heike Mildenberger (Freiburg)

  • Laura Fontanella (Jerusalem)
  • Peter Holy (Vienna)
  • Alexandra Kwiatowska (UCLA)
  • Philipp Schlicht (Bonn)

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2014 North American Annual ASL Meeting, May 19 – 22, 2014

2014 ASL North American Annual Meeting. May 19–22, 2014, Boulder, Colorado.

The invited speakers are: L. Barto, B. Csima, V. de Paiva, J. Hirst, M. Hrusak, A. Kolesnikov, A. Marks, M.C. Laskowski, and S. Walsh. Alex Wilkie will give an ASL retiring presidential address. Special sessions (with organizers in parentheses) include: Higher-order computation: semantics and algorithmics (L. Ong), Model theory (P. Hieronymi and J. Marikova), Philosophical aspects of games and social algorithms (E. Pacuit and R. Parikh), Recursion theory (O. Levin and R. Solomon), Set theory in honor of Rich Laver (J. Larson and W. Mitchell), and Universal Algebra and Constraint Satisfaction (A. Szendrei and R. Willard). The members of the Program Committee are:
M. Groszek (Chair), A. Kanamori, K. Kearnes, J. Marikova, S. Thomas, and H. Towsner. The Local Organizing Committee includes: N. Dobrinen, G. Forbes, N. Galatos, K. Kearnes (Chair), D. Monk, and A. Szendrei.

Special Session on Set Theory in Honor of Rich Laver
organized by Jean Larson (Florida) and William Mitchell (Florida)

  • Jean Larson: Honoring Rich Laver and his mathematics.
  • Joel Hamkins: Superstrong and other large cardinals are never Laver indestructible.
  • Natasha Dobrinen: Some recent progress in Ramsey theory.
  • Jose Mijares: Local Ellentuck theory and topological Ramsey spaces.
  • Sheila Miller: Critical sequences of rank-to-rank embeddings and a tower of finite left distributive algebras.
  • Dima Sinapova: Square properties at successors of singular cardinals.
  • Stevo Todorcevic: Recent advances in the Ramsey theory of trees.  Continue reading

Logic Colloquium 2014, July 14-19, 2014

Logic Colloquium 2014 will take place during the Vienna Summer of Logic.

The Program Committee members are: Z. Adamowicz, J. Avigad (Chair), M. Bezem, S. Friedman, J. Koenigsman, K. Lodaya, P. Oliva, T. Slaman, and R. Zach. The Local Organizing Committee includes: M. Baaz (Chair), A. Ciabattoni, S. Eberhard, S. Hetzl (Co-chair), and M. Goldstern.

The invited speakers include:

A. Bauer, P. Blanchette, V. Fischer, N. Greenberg, L. Kolodziejczyk, B. Miller, M. Reynolds, M. Soskova, and A. Visser.

Tutorials will be offered by K. Apt and A. Miquel.

Karp Prize Lectures

  • Matt Foreman will speak about Moti Gitik’s work
  • Matthias Aschenbrenner will speak about the work of Ya’acov Peterzil, Jonathan Pila, Sergei Starchenko and Alex Wilkie

Gödel Lecture

  • Julia Knight

Special Sessions (with organizers in parentheses) that are planned include:

  • Logic of games / rational choice (Organizer: Ramanujam)

  • Model Theory (Organizer: Z. Chatzidakis)

  • Perspectives on Induction (joint with LICS/CSL, organizers: M. Baaz, S. Hetzl)

  • Philosophy of Mathematics (Organizers: Ø. Linnebo)

  • Recursion Theory (Organizers: E. Fokina, D. Turetsky)

  • Set Theory (Organizers: J. Kellner, M. Goldstern)

    • Daisuke Ikegami
    • Philipp Lücke
    • Diego Mejía
    • Konstantin Slutsky

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