Recent and upcoming talks by Lajos Soukup

7th Young Set Theory Workshop, May 11-17, 2014

This year, the workshop wil take place in Poland. The aims of the “Young Set Theory Workshops” are to bring together young researchers in the domain of set theory and give them the opportunity to learn from each other and from experts in a friendly environment. continue reading…

24/Aug/2012: Joel David Hamkins, and Lajos Soukup

Fields institute, Room 210
Speaker:  Joel David Hamkins (The City University of New York)
Title: Every countable model of set theory embeds into its own constructible universe.
Abstract:  I shall give an account of my recent theorem showing that every countable model of set theory $M$, including every well-founded model, is isomorphic to a submodel of its own constructible universe. continue reading…

Erdős Centennial, July 1-5, 2013

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Alfréd Rényi Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Eötvös Loránd University and the János Bolyai Mathematical Society announce that a conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Paul Erdős will be held in Budapest, Hungary, July 1-5, 2013. continue reading…