Recent and upcoming talks by Martin Zeman

Inner Model Theory events in California, June, 2014

Descriptive Inner Model Theory
2-6 Jun 2014
Palo Alto CA, U.S.A.
The AIM at Palo Alto will host a workshop on descriptive inner model
theory, June 02-06, 2014, organized by R. continue reading…

MFO workshop in Set Theory, Oberwolfach, January 2014

These are title of the talks from the 2014 Oberwolfach meeting. Below, are some of the slides.
Brendle – Rothberger gaps in analytic quotients
Conley – Measurable analogs of Brooks’s theorem for graph colorings
Cramer – Inverse limit reflection and generalized descriptive set theory
Cummings – Combinatorics at successors of singulars
Dobrinen – Progress in topological Ramsey space theory
Dzamonja – Combinatorial versions of SCH
Fischer – Template iterations and maximal cofinitary groups
Gitik – Short extenders forcings and collapses
Golshani – The effects of adding a real to models of set theory
Koepke – An Easton-like Theorem for ZF Set Theory
Krueger – Forcing square with finite conditions
Lupini – Borel complexity and automorphisms of $C^*$-algebras
Melleray – Full groups of minimal homeomorphisms and descriptive set theory
Mildenberger – Specialising Aronszajn trees in a gentle way
Moore – Completely proper forcing and the Continuum Hypothesis
Motto Ros – On the descriptive set-theoretical complexity of the embeddability relation on uncountable models
Neeman – Higher analogues of PFA
Rinot – Complicated Colorings
Sabok – Automatic continuity for isometry groups
Sargsyan – Core Model Induction and Hod Mice
Schindler – Does $\Pi^1_1$  determinacy yield 0#? continue reading…

Graduate Summer School in Set Theory (Irvine), 20 Jun – 6 Jul 2012

Dear Colleagues/Students,
Southern California Logic Group is organizing  a graduate summer school in
set theory to be held June 25 through July 6 at the UC Irvine Campus. The
topic of the summer schools is
Large Cardinals, Inner Models and fine structure. continue reading…