2014 North American Annual ASL Meeting, May 19 – 22, 2014

2014 ASL North American Annual Meeting. May 19–22, 2014, Boulder, Colorado.

The invited speakers are: L. Barto, B. Csima, V. de Paiva, J. Hirst, M. Hrusak, A. Kolesnikov, A. Marks, M.C. Laskowski, and S. Walsh. Alex Wilkie will give an ASL retiring presidential address. Special sessions (with organizers in parentheses) include: Higher-order computation: semantics and algorithmics (L. Ong), Model theory (P. Hieronymi and J. Marikova), Philosophical aspects of games and social algorithms (E. Pacuit and R. Parikh), Recursion theory (O. Levin and R. Solomon), Set theory in honor of Rich Laver (J. Larson and W. Mitchell), and Universal Algebra and Constraint Satisfaction (A. Szendrei and R. Willard). The members of the Program Committee are:
M. Groszek (Chair), A. Kanamori, K. Kearnes, J. Marikova, S. Thomas, and H. Towsner. The Local Organizing Committee includes: N. Dobrinen, G. Forbes, N. Galatos, K. Kearnes (Chair), D. Monk, and A. Szendrei.

Special Session on Set Theory in Honor of Rich Laver
organized by Jean Larson (Florida) and William Mitchell (Florida)

  • Jean Larson: Honoring Rich Laver and his mathematics.
  • Joel Hamkins: Superstrong and other large cardinals are never Laver indestructible.
  • Natasha Dobrinen: Some recent progress in Ramsey theory.
  • Jose Mijares: Local Ellentuck theory and topological Ramsey spaces.
  • Sheila Miller: Critical sequences of rank-to-rank embeddings and a tower of finite left distributive algebras.
  • Dima Sinapova: Square properties at successors of singular cardinals.
  • Stevo Todorcevic: Recent advances in the Ramsey theory of trees. 

Abstracts of contributed talks submitted by ASL members will be published in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic if they satisfy the Rules for Abstracts (see below). Abstracts must be received by the deadline of February 21, 2014, at the ASL Business O”ce: ASL, Box 742, Vassar College, 124 Raymond Avenue,  Poughkeepsie, New York 12604, USA; Fax: 1-845-437-7830; email: asl@vassar.edu.


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