23/Nov/12: Todd Eisworth and Jose Iovino

23/November/2012, 11:o0–12:00
Fields institute,Room 230

Speaker: Todd Eisworth (Ohio University)

Title: A proof of Shelah’s “Cov vs. pp” theorem

Abstract: We give a relatively easy proof of one of the core results of Shelah’s “Cardinal Arithmetic”. The intent is to present enough details so that the statement of the theorem and the ideas underlying the proof are clear, even if we don’t have enough time to prove every lemma completely. We assume only a minimal knowledge of pcf theory: the basics as outlined in Abraham & Magidor’s chapter of the Handbook of Set Theory are more than enough.


23/November/2012, 13:30–15:00
Fields institute,Room 230

Speaker: Jose Iovino (Carnegie-Mellon University, and University of Texas at San Antonio)

Title: Model theory for structures of analysis, and omitting uncountable types.

Abstract: Over the years, a number of different frameworks have been proposed to study the model theory of structures of functional analysis. All of these frameworks have turned out to be equivalent. I will state a recent result that, among other things, explains this equivalence. The result characterizes these model-theoretic frameworks in terms of a version for uncountable languages of the classical omitting types theorem. This result is joint with X. Caicedo.

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