Using this site

This web site collects information and announcements on research talks in set theory from all over the world.

Reading with feeds

While it is not difficult to check this page for updates, it is preferable to let the information find you. We recommend subscribing to our feed, which is located at (link). You may also obtain the feed for any specific seminar by browsing e.g. to

These feeds can be read with most modern email clients (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft outlook) and web browsers (e.g. Firefox, Opera, Safari), but there are also specialized programs and webservices (e.g. Google Reader). If you use one of these to subscribe to our feed, they will regularly check whether there are any new posts to be found. For a good comparison of different programs and services, see this article at Wikipedia. You can also find good information on how feeds work in general in this article at Wikipedia.

Post or request talk media

If you gave a talk and you have slides, or if you attended a talk and took notes, you are encouraged to post them on the site. Simply leave a comment after the post with a link to the files. Similarly, if you are interested in a talk, but cannot attend, you are encouraged to contact the organizer or speaker and request the slides or notes!

Information for announcers

If you are the organizer of a logic seminar, then please get in touch with us! Posting is as easy as adding a special email address to your mailing list. Contact Samuel Coskey (, Peter Krautzberger (, or Assaf Rinot to have this special email address set up for you.

Two ways to post

  • Post by email. Add the special posting address to the BCC field in your email announcements. In the body of your announcement message, it is good practice to use one of the following formats. This helps us detect the speaker’s name and connect the talk to their profile.
    • Speaker: Speaker Name
    • Speaker: Ttl. Speaker Name
    • Speaker: Ttl. Speaker Name (Institution)
  • Use the seminar submission form. This form can also be used to generate an announcement email for your recipient list! To use this form, you will need to know your account password (see below).


You will automatically be given an account on this site (ask for the password if you don’t have it). You can log in using this link, which is normally found at the very bottom of the sidebar. This account will allow you to use the web submission form, upload media, and edit your past posts.

You can also visit your profile page to change your display name, password, email, and so on. If you fill in your “biographical info” then it will be displayed on your seminar archive. We recommend that you provide information about your normal meeting place and time.

Three ways to add media

Organizers are strongly encouraged to follow-up by posting media such as slides, notes or video after the talk. If the file is not too huge then you are encouraged to store it on our site. If the file is large or there are many files, you can provide a link to the off-site data. For videos, we recommend that you post them to Vimeo and then provide us with the link.

  • Use the media upload form. You can also browse directly to your posting and click Submit media (you must be logged in).
  • Log in, edit your post directly, and insert a link or attachment using the wordpress editor (you will need an account).
  • Leave a comment below the post with a link to your media.