Alessandro Vignati: An algebra whose subalgebras are characterized by density

25  April 2014, 13:30–15:00

Fields institute, Room 210

Speaker:  Alessandro Vignati.

Title: An algebra whose subalgebras are characterized by density.
Abstract: A long-standing open problem is whether or not every amenable operator algebra is isomorphic to a C*-algebra. In a recent paper, Y. Choi, I. Farah and N. Ozawa provided a non separable counterexample. After an introduction, building on their work and using the full power of a Luzin gap, we provide an example of an amenable operator algebra A such that every amenable nonseparable subalgebra of A is not isomorphic to a C*-algebra, while some “reasonable” separable subalgebras are. In the end we describe some interesting property of the constructed object related to the Kadison-Kastler metric.

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