Alexei Kolesnikov: Homology groups in model theory.

Thursday, April 19, 2018, from 4 to 5:30pm
East Hall, room 3088

Speaker: Alexei Kolesnikov (Towson University)

Title: Homology groups in model theory.


Higher-dimensional amalgamation properties played a key role in settling several questions in classification theory. It turns out that these properties, suitably formulated, are non-trivial even for totally categorical first order theories. The main goal of this project was to understand and characterize the failure of higher-dimensional amalgamation properties in stable theories. We show that the failure of n-dimensional amalgamation is detected by a suitable homology group; this group must be abelian profinite and is isomorphic to a certain automorphism group. Along the way, we establish that the failure of n dimensional amalgamation is witnessed by certain canonical objects, with the higher category-theoretic flavor, that are definable in the models of the theory.

Joint work with John Goodrick and Byunghan Kim.

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