Andres Caicedo: Determinacy from large cardinals II

Boise Set Theory Seminar
Thursday, February 7
Room: B-309
Speaker: Andrés Caicedo (Boise State)
Title: Determinacy from large cardinals: an overview II


We recall the definition of Woodin cardinals, and explain why they play a key role in proofs of determinacy.

(the abstract from part I follows)

A game is determined when one of the players has a winning strategy. Determinacy is the claim that all perfect information $\omega$-length two-player games on integers are determined. This is a key assumption in modern set theory.

We present a high level sketch of how the presence of large cardinals in the universe implies that determinacy holds in the model $L(R)$. There won’t be enough resolution in our microscope to understand all details, but hopefully there will be enough to make sense of the main ingredients of the argument

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