Arno Fehm: Fields with almost small absolute Galois group

The HUJI logic seminar  takes place on Wednesdays at 16:00, in room 209
The speaker on March 26 is Arno Fehm.

Title: Fields with almost small absolute Galois group.


Consider the following condition on a field F: For every finite field extension E of F and every n, the index of the n-th powers (E*)^n in the multiplicative group E* is finite. This condition is satisfied by every superrosy field and also by every strongly^2 dependent field, and it occurs in a conjecture of Shelah-Hasson on NIP fields. I will explain how this condition relates to the better known condition that F is bounded and why it is not preserved under elementary equivalence. The main arguments are group theoretic. Joint work with Franziska Jahnke.

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