Arturo Martínez-Celis: On the Michael Space Problem

Seminar: Working group in applications of set theory, IMPAN

Thursday, 25.10. 2018, 10:15, room 105, IMPAN

Speaker: Arturo Martínez-Celis (IM PAN)

Title: “On the Michael Space Problem”

Abstact: “A Lindelöf Topological space is Michael if it has non-Lindelöf product with the space of the irrational numbers. These kind of spaces were introduced by Ernest Michael in 1963 and it is still unknown if one can be constructed in ZFC. We will introduce the notion of Michael ultrafilter, which implies the existence of a Michael space. We will also discuss the relation between this kind of ultrafilters and some classical cardinal invariants and we will use this to study the behaviour of this notion in some models of set theory”.

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