Assaf Rinot: Reduced powers of Souslin trees

BGU Seminar in Logic, Set Theory and Topology.

Time: Tuesday, May 31st, 12:30-13:45.

Place: Seminar room -101, Math building 58.
Speaker: Assaf Rinot (BIU)

Title: Reduced powers of Souslin trees


What is the relationship between a Souslin tree and its reduced powers? and is there any difference between, say, the reduced $\omega$-power and the reduced $\omega_1$-power of the same tree?
In this talk, we shall present tools recently developed to answer these sort of questions. For instance, these tools allow to construct an $\omega_6$-Souslin tree whose reduced $\omega_N$-power is Aronszajn iff $n$ is not a prime number.
This is joint work with Ari Brodsky.

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