BEST 2015 slides

The 22nd BEST conference was held June 14–17 in San Francisco, CA.

Mirna Džamonja – FAC and WQO orders and their ordinal invariants
Luke Serafin – Cardinal invariants of generalized continua
Ari Brodsky – A microscopic approach to higher Suslin tree constructions
Ola Kwiatkowska – Dynamics of the homeomorphism group of the Lelek fan
Paul Ellis – The conjugacy problem for countable homogeneous structures
Trevor Wilson – Covering properties of derived models
Miha Habic – Joint Laver diamonds
Bill Chen – Scales in Prikry extensions
Rodrigo Dias – Productively countably tight spaces and selective games
Steven Clontz – Limited information strategies in infinite games
Liljana Babinkostova – The selective strong screen ability game
Spencer Unger – Baire measurable paradoxical decompositions via matchings
Diana Ojeda-Aristizábal – Finite forms of Gowers’ FINk theorem

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