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Logic Colloquium 2012, July 12 – 18 2012

The 2012 ASL European Summer Meeting will take place 12th-18th July 2012 (University of Manchester).


Plenary Lectures


Special Session on Set Theory (organiser: U. Abraham)


2012 North American Annual ASL Meeting

The 2012 North American Annual Meeting will take place March 31–April 3, 2012 (University of Wisconsin Madison).

Plenary Speakers

  • A. Dow (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
  • J. Steel (Berkeley)
  • I. Goldbring (UCLA)
  • W. Goldfarb (Harvard University)
  • J. Miller (UW Madison)
  • A. Montalbán (University of Chicago)
  • T. Pitassi (University of Toronto)
  • G. Sargsyan (Rutgers University)
  • S. Starchenko (University of Notre Dame)
  • M. Vardi (Rice University)

Special Session on Set Theory