Will Boney: Frames and Tameness in Abstract Elementary Classes

Mathematical logic seminar – October 7, 2014
Time:     12:30 – 13:30

Room:     Wean Hall 8220

Speaker:         Will Boney
Department of Mathematics

Title:     Frames and Tameness in Abstract Elementary Classes


Frames are an axiomatic independence notion in a single cardinal for AECs developed by Shelah, and tameness is a locality notion for types isolated by Grossberg and VanDieren. Although powerful on their own, they become even more powerful when combined. Tameness provides an easy way to extend frames to larger cardinals, and frames provide a way to extend tameness for 1-types to tameness for longer tuples. Thus, combining them gives rise to a global notion of independence in an AEC with amalgamation. Part of this talk is joint work with Vasey.

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