Dana Bartosova: Lelek fan from a projective Fraisse limit

31/January/2014, 13:30–15:00
Fields institute, Room 210

Speaker:  Dana Bartosova

Title:  Lelek fan from a projective Fraisse limit


The Lelek fan is the unique subcontinuum of the Cantor fan whose set of endpoints is dense. The Cantor fan is the cone over the Cantor set, that is $C\times I/\sim,$ where $C$ is the Cantor set, $I$ is the closed unit interval and $(a,b)\sim (c,d)$ if and only if either $(a=c$ and $b=d)$ or $(b=d=0)$. We construct the Lelek fan as a natural quotient of a projective Fraisse limit and derive some properties of the Lelek fan and its homeomorphism group. This is joint with Aleksandra Kwiatkowska.

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