David Fernandez Breton: Partition theorems on uncountable abelian groups

Place: Fields Institute (Room 210)

Date: April 27, 2018 (13:30-15:00)

Speaker: David Fernandez Breton

Title: Partition theorems on uncountable abelian groups


In the past two years, a number of Ramsey-theoretic results concerning the additive structure of uncountable abelian groups have been investigated by diverse subsets of the set {Komjáth, Rinot, D. Soukup, W. Weiss, myself} (among others). From Ramsey results generalizing Hindman’s theorem for certain groups and colourings, to anti-Ramsey statements asserting the existence of ”rainbow colourings” for sets of finite sums, I plan to provide a panoramic overview of this exciting line of research, and point towards possible future lines of enquiry.

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