Assaf Rinot: The weak Hedetniemi conjecture

Set Theory Seminar (HUJI)

We shall meet next Friday (December 20th) in the Hebrew University
math department building, at 10 am.

Speaker: Assaf Rinot (BIU)

Title: The weak Hedetniemi conjecture

Abstract: The weak Hedetniemi conjecture asserts that for every positive
integer k, there exists a large enough integer f(k) so that if G,H are
graphs of chromatic number f(k), then the chromatic number of their
product is at least k.

What happens if one replaces “positive integer” with “infinite
cardinal”? It is not hard to see that this statement follows from a
large cardinal hypothesis. In this talk, we shall address the converse,
and prove that the statement fails in Godel’s constructible universe.

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