Graduate Summer School in Set Theory (Irvine), July 6 – 17, 2015

There will be a summer school for graduate students in set theory from July 6 through July 17, 2015, at the University of California, Irvine. The summer school is supported by NSF Grant DMS-1044150.

The webpage for the program is here:

The goal of the course is to learn about advanced topics in forcing and large cardinals. The final program will depend on the experience level of the participants, but would likely include: forcing axioms and applications; infinite combinatorics (tree property, square, etc.); behavior of the continuum function; and theory of ideals and generic elementary embeddings. Please see the website for more information about prerequisites.

The course instructors are Brent Cody (VCU), Monroe Eskew (VCU), and Spencer Unger (UCLA). The organizer is Sean Cox (VCU).

The school is able to provide full support to US citizens and permanent residents. Foreign students are welcomed to participate, but would need to obtain funding from their universities or advisers.

Please email the organizer, Sean Cox (, with any questions.

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