Grzegorz Plebanek: Strictly positive measures on Boolean algebras

Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 17:15
Wrocław University of Technology, 215 D-1

Speaker: Grzegorz Plebanek (University of Wroclaw)

Title: Strictly positive measures on Boolean algebras


$SPM$ denotes the class of Boolean algebras possessing strictly positive measure (finitely additive and probabilistic). Together with Menachem Magidor, we consider the following problem: Assume that $B$ belongs to $SPM$ for every subalgebra $B$ of a given algebra $A$ such that $|B|\le\mathfrak c$. Does it imply that the algebra $A$ belongs to $SPM$?

It turns out that the positive answer follows from the existence of some large cardinals, while the counterexample can be found in the model of $V=L$.

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