Ilijas Farah: Necessary applications of set theory to operator algebras

Mathematics Colloquium, Hebrew University
Thursday, 21/Nov/2013, 14:30

Speaker: Ilijas Farah

Title: Necessary applications of set theory to operator algebras

Abstract: Connections between set theory and operator algebras in the past century were few and sparse, although von Neumann was an important figure in the early history of both areas and some key mid-century developments in descriptive set theory occurred within an operator-algebraic context in the work of Mackey, Glimm, and Effros.

Recently, there has been great progress at the interface of operator algebras, set theory and model theory. Long-standing open problems on the structure of C*-algebras were solved using methods from set theory. I will survey some of these results, with particular emphasis to ones related to the rigidity of quotient structures.

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