IM PAN conference: Transfinite methods in Banach spaces and algebras of operators, July 18-22 2016

We are pleased to announce that a conference entitled “Transfinite methods in Banach spaces and algebras of operators” will take place at Bedlewo Conference Center, Poland, 18-22 July 2016.

The list of speakers will include:

Tristan Bice (Salvador), Christina Brech (Sao Paulo), Yemon Choi (Lancaster; tbc), Marek Cuth (Prague), Garth Dales (Lancaster), Alan Dow (North Carolina), Valentin Ferenczi (Sao Paulo), Joanna Garbulinska (Kielce), Gilles Godefroy (Paris VI), Bill Johnson (Texas A&M; tbc), Tomasz Kochanek (IM PAN), Jordi Lopez-Abad (ICMAT Madrid), Pavlos Motakis (Texas A&M), Grzegorz Plebanek (Wroclaw), Jose Rodriguez (Murcia), Thomas Schlumprecht (Texas A&M), Jesus Suarez (Caceres) and Stevo Todorcevic (CRNS, Toronto).

For more details, please see the webpage:

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