Independence Results in Mathematics and Challenges in Iterated Forcing, Norwich, November 2-6 2015

2nd November 2015 to 6th November 2015

Held at the University of East Anglia
Norwich, UK

Organisers: David Aspero (University of East Anglia), Joan Bagaria (Universitat de Barcelona), Mirna Dzamonja (University of East Anglia), Benedikt Loewe (Universität Hamburg)

Workshop Theme

Independence Results in Mathematics and Challenges in Iterated Forcing Forcing, and especially iterated forcing, is an extremely fruitful technique for proving that certain statements in mathematics are independent from ZFC, or some other base set theory. In recent years, several different lines of research in the area of iterated forcing have given rise to new methods and striking new results. Among those are recent iteration techniques that produce models with the continuum of large cardinality, iterations of proper forcing with side conditions of uncountable cardinality, Jensen’s subcomplete forcing iterations, etc.

This workshop will focus on these recent advances, with an emphasis on the techniques and their applicability to problems in combinatorial set theory, as well as problems in mathematics outside of set theory proper. In addition to our focus on iterated forcing, other techniques used to prove independence results will be considered. The workshop will bring together many of the leading researchers in this area.

Invited speakers:

  • Arthur Apter
  • Omer Ben Neria
  • Piotr Borodulin-Nadzieja
  • Todd Eisworth
  • Márton Elekes
  • Menachem Kojman
  • Borisa Kuzeljevic
  • Menachem Magidor
  • Heike Mildenberger
  • Justin Tatch Moore
  • Itay Neeman
  • Grzegorz Plebanek
  • Daniel Soukup
  • Spencer Unger
  • Boban Velickovic
  • Matteo Viale
  • Liuzhen Wu
  • Teruyuki Yorioka


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