Interactions between Logic, Topological structures and Banach spaces theory, May 19-24, 2013

The international conference “Interactions between Logic, Topological structures and Banach spaces theory” will take place at the Eilat Campus of Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)  from 19-24 May, 2013.

The main purpose of the conference is to bring together mathematicians working in all fields of mathematics dealing with Automorphism Groups of Topological Structures, Boolean Algebras, and Banach spaces theory in order to exchange ideas and present results of current research. Specific topics to be covered in this meeting are:

  1. Applications of Logic, in particular Boolean Algebras, to Banach spaces theory.
  2. Recovery of spaces from their groups of homeomorphisms.
  3. Topological characterization of the homeomorphism groups of various concrete spaces.
  4. Universal homogeneous metric spaces.
  5. Geometry of Banach spaces.

Scientific Committee:

Bohuslav Balcar (Czech Republic), William B. Johnson (USA), Menachem Magidor (Israel), Jan van Mill (the Netherlands), Donald Monk (USA), Vladimir Pestov (Canada), Yosef Yomdin (Israel).


Organizing Committee:

  • The Chair: Vladimir Fonf (Ben-Gurion University)
  • Arkady Leiderman (Ben-Gurion University)
  • Matatyahu Rubin (Ben-Gurion University)
  • Yona Maissel (Ben-Gurion University)
  • Asaf Karagila (Ben-Gurion University)

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