Itay Kaplan: Strict non-forking in resilient theories

Mathematical Logic Seminar (HUJI)

The speaker on March 5 is Itay Kaplan
Title: Strict non-forking in resilient theories
Strict non-forking is a forking notion defined by Shelah for NIP theories and proved very useful in analysing dividing in NIP and NTP2 theories. In joint work with Alex Usvyatsov, we proved symmetry of this notion in NIP. Recently we generalized this to a more general setting, that of resilient theories.
Resilient theories were defined by Chernikov and Ben-Yaacov as a class of theories containing both NIP and simple theories and contained in NTP2 theories.
I will give all the definitions and try to prove the theorem.

logic seminar  takes place on Wednesdays at 16:00, in room 209T

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