Iterated Forcing Theory and Cardinal Invariants, Kyoto, November 6 – 9, 2017

RIMS Workshop on Iterated Forcing Theory and Cardinal Invariants
November 6 – 9, 2017
at the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS), Kyoto University

ORGANIZER: Jörg Brendle (Kobe)

MINICOURSE: Diego Mejía (Shizuoka)  Recent (and not that recent) forcing techniques on finite support iterations


  • David Asperó (Norwich) Few new reals
  • Fabiana Castiblanco (Münster)
  • David Chodounský (Praha)
  • Monroe Eskew (Wien) Local saturation at every successor cardinal
  • JiaLiang He (Chengdu) An elementary proof of p = t
  • Daisuke Ikegami (Tokyo) On supercompactness of $\omega_1$
  • Hiromi Ishii (Tsukuba) Reflection Principle and construction of saturated ideals on $\mathcal P_{\omega_1}(\lambda)$
  • Yo Matsubara (Nagoya) On the existence of skinny stationary subsets
  • Tadatoshi Miyamoto (Nagoya) No Suslin trees but a non-special Aronszajn tree exists by a side condition
  • Francesco Parente (Norwich) Keisler’s order via Boolean ultrapowers
  • André Rodrigues (Kobe)
  • Hiroshi Sakai (Kobe) On models generated by uncountable indiscernible sequences
  • Dmitri Shakhmatov (Matsuyama) Compactness-like properties de ned by open-point games and maximal almost disjoint families
  • Toshimichi Usuba (Tokyo) $G_\delta$ modification and large cardinals
  • Teruyuki Yorioka (Shizuoka) Aspero-Mota’s finitely proper forcing axiom and k-entangled sets of reals
  • Yasuo Yoshinobu (Nagoya) A further variation of the Banach-Mazur game and forcing axioms

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