Joint Prague-Vienna workshop in Set Theory and Logic (29.9.-2.10.)

There will be a joint meeting between the logic groups in Prague and Vienna starting on Monday, Sep 29 and ending on Thursday, Oct 1. The meeting will take place at the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Anyone who is around is welcome to participate. The program of the meeting will be announced shortly before the actual meeting. We expect the following people to attend (at least part of) the meeting:

  • Bohuslav Balcar
  • Barnabas Farkas
  • Sy Friedman
  • Martin Goldstern
  • Jan Grebík
  • Stefan Hoffelner
  • Radek Honzík
  • David Chodounský
  • Wieslaw Kubis
  • Wei Li
  • Diego Mejia
  • Diana Montoya
  • Petr Simon
  • Jan Starý
  • Šárka Stejskalová
  • Anda Tanasie
  • Egbert Thuemmel
  • Tin Lok Wong
  • Jonathan Verner


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