Jouko Väänänen: Multiverse Set Theory

Set Theory Seminar (HUJI)

We shall meet this Friday (January 3rd) in the Hebrew University
math department building, at 10 am.

Speaker: Jouko Väänänen (UH and UvA)

Title: “Multiverse Set Theory”

Abstract: We present a multiverse approach to set theory allowing for
the possibility that some propositions are neither true nor false for
the reason that they are true in some of the parallel universes and
false in others. Our approach is in harmony with the possibility that
the multiverse consists of just one universe. We introduce, what we
call multiverse dependence logic, for formulating axioms about set
theoretical statements – e.g. the Continuum Hypothesis – having, or
not having, a truth value in the multiverse. We show that first order
consequences in multiverse dependence logic can be axiomatised

See you there!

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