Justin Moore: Thompson’s group is amenable

07/Sep/2012, 11:00–12:30
Fields institute,Room 230

Speaker: Justin Moore

Title: Thompson’s group is amenable

Abstract: I will demonstrate that Thompson’s group F is amenable.  This will be done by exhibiting an idempotent measure on the free nonassociative groupoid on one generator.  This in turn can be used to generalize Hindman’s theorem to the setting of nonassociative operations.


8 responses to “Justin Moore: Thompson’s group is amenable

  1. The talk has been videotaped. A link to the video will be posted once available.

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  3. The preprint for my talk can be found here. It will appear tonight at midnight GMT on the ArXiv.

  4. I will speak tomorrow, 9/18/2012 at Cornell on my proof. The talks will take place at 1:30-2:30pm EDT and at 2:55-4:10pm EDT (a two part talk with little repetition). The talk will be live streamed here. A video for the talks will be posted either later this week or sometime next week.

  5. Where’s that video? I thought it was supposed to be available by now.

    • The IT people at the Fields Institute have been busy lately, but I’m optimistic that the video would be made available sometime this week. Update: due to the gap discovered in the proof (see Justin’s comment below), the video will not be made public.

  6. Azer Akhmedov found an error in the proof over the weekend of 9/29. The error is in Lemma 4.13 in the most recent ArXiv posting (the proof that {K_Bcal,k,n : k in V_Bcal} is finite). I have withdrawn the paper from consideration for publication, sent out a mass email retracting my claim, and will request that my ArXiv post be withdrawn.

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