Wong Tin Lok: End extensions and subsystems of second-order arithmetic

Invitation to the Logic Seminar at the National University of Singapore

Date: Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 17:00 hrs

Room: S17#04-06, Department of Mathematics, NUS

Speaker: Wong Tin Lok

Title: End extensions and subsystems of second-order arithmetic

URL: http://www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~fstephan/logicseminar.html

Investigations in reverse mathematics reveal that most naturally
occurring theorems in mathematics are equivalent to one of five
arithmetic axioms nowadays known as the BIG FIVE. These provide
strong empirical evidence for the importance of the Big Five.
In the talk, I will attempt to explain their importance mathematically
in terms of the characteristics of their models.

The work to be presented is joint with Stephen G. Simpson (Vanderbilt).

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