Frank Stephan: Covering the Recursive Sets

Invitation to the Logic Seminar at the National University of Singapore

Date: Wednesday, 14 October 2015, 17:00 hrs

Room: S17#04-06, Department of Mathematics, NUS

Speaker: Frank Stephan

Title: Covering the Recursive Sets


The talk gives an overview of recent work which solves two problems
of Brendle, Brooke-Taylor, Ng and Nies. One construction is based on
a construction of Khan and Miller from 2014, the other construction
is a direct construction utilising martingales. Furthermore, the
talk introduces the notions of infinitely often subuniform families
and shows first results for these; these concepts also permit to get
some result towards the solution of the third problem of Brendle,
Brooke-Taylor, Ng and Nies.

This talk is based on joint work with Bjoern Kjos-Hanssen
and Sebastiaan A. Terwijn.

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