Marcin Michalski: I-Luzin sets

Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 17:15
Wrocław University of Technology, 215 D-1

Speaker: Marcin Michalski (Wrocław University of Technology)

Title: I-Luzin sets


We will present some results obtained with Szymon Żeberski involving I-Luzin sets in Euclidean spaces. We shall construct a quite decent (non-trivial, possesing Borel base and translation invariant) sigma-ideal I of sets such that there exists an I-measurable I-Luzin set. We give also sufficient condition of I-nonmeasurability of I-Luzin sets involving Smital Property (precisely- it’s weaker version). We also discuss briefly Stenihaus and Smital Properties of Fubini product of sigma-ideals.

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