MFO workshop in Set Theory, Oberwolfach, January 2014

These are title of the talks from the 2014 Oberwolfach meeting. Below, are some of the slides.

Brendle – Rothberger gaps in analytic quotients
Conley – Measurable analogs of Brooks’s theorem for graph colorings
Cramer – Inverse limit reflection and generalized descriptive set theory
Cummings – Combinatorics at successors of singulars
Dobrinen – Progress in topological Ramsey space theory
Dzamonja – Combinatorial versions of SCH
Fischer – Template iterations and maximal cofinitary groups
Gitik – Short extenders forcings and collapses
Golshani – The effects of adding a real to models of set theory
Koepke – An Easton-like Theorem for ZF Set Theory
Krueger – Forcing square with finite conditions
Lupini – Borel complexity and automorphisms of $C^*$-algebras
Melleray – Full groups of minimal homeomorphisms and descriptive set theory
Mildenberger – Specialising Aronszajn trees in a gentle way
Moore – Completely proper forcing and the Continuum Hypothesis
Motto Ros – On the descriptive set-theoretical complexity of the embeddability relation on uncountable models
Neeman – Higher analogues of PFA
Rinot – Complicated Colorings
Sabok – Automatic continuity for isometry groups
Sargsyan – Core Model Induction and Hod Mice
Schindler – Does $\Pi^1_1$  determinacy yield 0#?
Sinapova – Very Good Scales and the Failure of SCH
Solecki  – A dual Ramsey theorem and Galois connections
Spinas – Silver antichains
Todorcevic – Ramsey Classication versus Tukey classication
Törnquist – Analytic families that are disjoint modulo a co-analytic ideal on $\omega$
Tserunyan – Mixing probability groups and a general van der Corput lemma
Zapletal – Cardinals and equivalence relations
Zdomskyy – Mathias forcing and combinatorial covering properties of filters
Zeman –  The self-iterability of extender models


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