Michigan Logic Seminar

There will be a logic seminar next Wednesday, September 28, from 4 to 5:30, in 3096 East Hall.

Scott Schneider will speak on “Borel equivalence relations: an introduction”.  Here’s an abstract of his talk:

This talk will be an introduction to the basic theory of definable equivalence relations on standard Borel spaces.  I will attempt to situate this theory within the context of descriptive set theory, and to discuss its basic structure, methods, problems, and motivating themes, including applications to classification problems.  I will highlight some important classes of definable equivalence relations, and conclude by focusing on the countable Borel equivalence relations, for which we will establish a representation theorem and the existence of a universal element.

The talk will presuppose only elementary facts from topology and analysis on the real line, and is intended as an introduction that will form a basis for future seminar discussions concerning more recent work and some open problems.  No new results will be presented.

The talk will be recorded and made available online.

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