Moshe Kamensky: Interpretations, definable groupoids and Picard–Vessiot theory

Set Theory and Topology seminar (BGU)

Time: January 14 2015, 16:45-18:30 (refreshments will be served from 16:35)
Place: Seminar room -101 in the Math building 58
Speaker: Moshe Kamensky
Title: Interpretations, definable groupoids and Picard–Vessiot theory
Abstract: I will discuss a special kind of interpretations between first

order theory, giving rise to the model theoretic notion of internality.
The collection of such interpretations has a geometric structure,
namely, the structure of a definable groupoid. The structure allows us
to reformulate problems about interpretations in terms of definable

An instance of this situation is provided Picard–Vessiot theory, and
more general Galois theory of differential equations. In these cases,
the formalism produces results on existence and uniqueness of
Picard–Vessiot extensions.

The talk will be related (but independent from) my talk on the
colloquium. I will explain all terminology.

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