New York Graduate Student Logic Conference, April 18-19, 2013

We are pleased to announce the fourth New York Graduate Student Logic Conference will be held Thursday and Friday, April 18-19, 2013, at the CUNY Graduate Center located in midtown Manhattan. We are honored that Professor Menachem Magidor of Hebrew University has agreed to join us as our plenary speaker.

The goal of the NY Graduate Student Logic Conferences is to promote graduate education in logic by bringing together the best graduate students working in any part of the subject. Students meet and hear talks by other students in logic, give talks on their own research or on their research area, and have the opportunity to interact with senior logicians. While there is no fee for participants, please do register at https://nygradstudentlogicconference/




Registration and Refreshments in Math Lounge 4214


RM 4102

SESSION T1: 6:00-6:25PM


Connecting Formal Argumentation Theory with Justification Logic

SESSION T2: 6:25-6:50PM

Erin Carmody

Canonical forcing of GCH

SESSION T3:6:50-7:15PM

Adam Bjorndahl

Subset Space Public Announcement Logic Revisited



SESSION T4:7:40-8:05PM

Thomas Kern

Equivalents of Unranked Tree Automata

SESSION T5: 8:05-8:30PM

Marie Nicholson

Compressibility and Kolmogorov Complexity


Meet and greet with wine and cheese



 9:00 – 9:30AM

Registration & Breakfast

SESSION F1: 9:30-9:55 AM

Monroe Eskew

Measurability properties on small cardinals

SESSION F2: 9:55-10:20AM

Dana Bartosova

The Problem of Ellis

SESSION F3: 10:20-10:45AM

Will Boney

Tameness from large cardinal axioms.


coffee break

SESSION F4: 11:15-11:40AM

Scott Messick

Semantics of intuitionistic logic

SESSION F5: 11:40-12:05PM

Chris Lambie-Hanson

Intermediate Square Principals



SESSION F6: 2:00-3:15PM

Plenary Speaker:

Professor Menachem MagidorThe Set Theory of Generalized Logics


coffee break

SESSION F7: 3:45-4:10PM

Spencer Unger

The Tree Property Revisited

SESSION F8: 4:10-4:35PM

Paul McKenney

Forcing axioms and the rigidity of corona algebras

SESSION F9: 4:35-5:00PM

Ashutosh Kumar

Avoiding rational distance

The organizers Shoshana Friedman of KBCC, CUNY, and Sheila Miller of City Tech, CUNY and would like to invite students of mathematical logic and related areas to submit abstracts for talks. Talks may be either on original research or expository in nature, and should be directed at other students of logic. Please submit abstracts to In your e-mail please give your full name, postal address and email address, the name of your institution, number of years in the program, and the name of a reference who is familiar with your work, together with the contact information of that person. Your abstracts should reach us by February 25, 2013.


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