P.O.I workshop in Pure and Descriptive Set Theory, Turin, September 25-26th, 2015

The logic group in Turin is pleased to announce a two-day workshop on Pure and Descriptive Set Theory. This workshop concludes the San Paolo junior PI grant “New Perspectives On the nature of Infinity”.
The workshop will take place on September 25th and 26th, 2015 in Turin University (place to be defined), and will consist in four talks on each day. The 25th will be dedicated to Descriptive Set Theory and the speakers are Andrew Marks (Los Angeles), Marton Elekes (Budapest), Raphaël Carroy (Torino) and Ben Miller (Vienna).
The 26th will be dedicated to Pure Set Theory and the speakers are Assaf Rinot (Bar-illan), David Aspero (East Anglia), Daisuke Ikegami (Kobe) and Paul Larson (Miami, Ohio).
Each day will be concluded by a brief discussion session outlining some open problems and future directions of research.
Everyone is cordially invited to attend. Please forward this announcement to anyone who could be interested in this event.

We might have some modest travel awards to graduate or recent Ph.D. students, so that they may attend the workshop. More information can be found on the webpage of the workshop:


We hope to see you soon in Turin!

Alessandro Andretta, Raphaël Carroy, Luca Motto Ros, and Matteo Viale


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