Philipp Klepmann: Fraenkel-Mostowski models

Monday, September 16 from 3 to 4pm
Room: Mathematics 136
Speaker: Philipp Kleppmann (Cambridge)
Title: Fraenkel-Mostowski models

Abstract: Fraenkel-Mostowski models were introduced nearly a century ago as a method of proving the independence of various choice principles from the rest of set theory. Unfortunately, this only works in set theory with atoms (ZFA). However, many Fraenkel-Mostowski proofs can be translated directly into forcing proofs, so this method is of interest for people working with ZF independence proofs.

I will present the construction and give some examples of basic independence results – including the independence of the Axiom of Choice from ZFA and ZF.

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  1. Note: the room has changed to Mathematics 136.

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