Postdoctoral position in set theory (Singapore)

There is a one-year postdoctoral position in set theory available at the National University of Singapore. The expected starting date is April 1, 2015. The job advertisement is given below. To apply for it please email your CV to Dilip Raghavan at raghavan at math dot nus dot edu dot sg. If further application materials such as a reference letter are needed, then you will be contacted directly.

1.       Job title:     Research Assistant

2.       Job Description: This is a one-year postdoctoral position in set
theory.  The NUS logic group consists of 4 faculty members and a
varying numbers of postdoctoral fellows working in set theory and
recursion theory. The research in set theory focuses on Cardinal
invariants of the continuum, iterated forcing, forcing axioms,
partition calculus, and other combinatorial set theory.

3.       Job requirements: The candidate will be expected to contribute to
the research activities of the NUS logic group. There is no formal
teaching requirement.

4.       Closing date: until the position is filled.

5.       Skills: The candidate should have done original work in an area
related to the research interests of the NUS logic group.

6.      Qualifications: PhD in a related field.

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