Recent Developments in Axiomatic Set Theory, September 16-18, 2015

RIMS Set Theory Workshop 2015

Recent Developments in Axiomatic Set Theory


September 16 (Wed.)
14:20-14:50 Masaru Kada and Takuto Kato: Variants of AC under ZF minus union
15:10-15:40 Masaru Kada and Souji Shizuma: Some remarks on in nite hat guessing games
16:00-16:50 Makoto Takahashi: On non -shortness of Axiom A posets with frame systems
September 17  (Thu.)
10:00-10:50 Teruyuki Yorioka: Some consistency results with the existence of a non special Aronszajn tree
11:10-12:00 David Chodounsky: F-Mathias reals and generic filters
14:00-14:50 Joel David Hamkins: Upward closure in the generic multiverse of a countable model of set theory
15:10-16:00 Toshimichi Usuba: Set-theoretic geology and large large cardinals
16:20-17:00 Tadatoshi Miyamoto: Side condition methods and morasses

September 18 (Fri.)
9:00-9:50 Sakae Fuchino: On the superuniverse of the set theoretic multiverses
10:10-11:00 Hiroshi Sakai: Covering and approximation properties of ultrapower


Room 420, RIMS Kyoto


Masahiro Shioya (University of Tsukuba), E-mail: shioya _at_


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