Rutgers Logic Seminar

Rutgers Logic Seminars
Fall 2011
Room 705, Hill Center

Next semester, we will be running two Logic Seminars
at Rutgers. Both will be held in Room 705 on the top
floor of Hill Center.

The standard Rutgers Logic Seminar will continue to
be held each Monday at 5:00 – 6:20 pm.

In addition, Grigor Sargsyan and Simon Thomas will be
running a Descriptive Set Theory Seminar based on Kanovei’s monograph “Borel Equivalence Relations”. This will be held each Monday at 3:20 – 4:40 pm.

Saharon Shelah will be at Rutgers from Sept 1st to
Oct 28th. His visitors this semester include:

Juris Steprans Sept 1st – 4th

Maryanthe Malliaris Sept 5th – 20th

John Baldwin Sept 6th – 12th

Chris Laskowski Sept 8th – 13th

Paul Larson Sept 11th – 18th

Dilip Raghavan Sept 18th – Oct 4th

Martin Goldstern Sept 18th – 26th

David Schrittesser Sept 20th – 30th

Alan Dow Oct 6th – 11th

Peter Komjath Oct 7th – 11th

David Aspero Oct 9th – 17th

Tomek Bartoszynski Oct 8th – 9th

Andrzej Roslanowski Oct 14th – 18th

Ilijas Farah Oct 19th – 24th

Jindrich Zapletal Oct 21th – 26th

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