21/Apr/2014: Grigor Sargsyan and Joel Hamkins

All talks are in Hill

DST Seminar at 3:20 Room 525

Monday 04/21 — Grigor Sargsyan (Rutgers)
Title: Stability and Morley rank IX

Logic Seminar at 5:00 Room 705

Monday 04/21 — Joel Hamkins (College of Staten Island)
Title: Large cardinals need not be large in HOD
Abstract: I will show that large cardinals, such as measurable, strong and supercompact cardinals, need not exhibit their large cardinal nature in HOD. It is relatively consistent that a supercompact cardinal is not weakly compact in HOD, and one may construct models with a proper class of supercompact cardinals, none of them weakly compact in HOD. This is current joint work with Cheng Yong.

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