Asaf Karagila: Finite Width of the Cardinals Implies Choice.



The next meeting of the seminar in Logic, Set Theory  and Topology will be held

on Tuesday, November 13.

Time is 16:00 – 17:30.

Place: seminar room 201 which is located in the building of Computer

Science Department (not Math Dept)

Speaker :Asaf Karagila (HUJI)

Title: Finite Width of the Cardinals Implies Choice.


We continue the previous lecture in our discussion about the ordering of cardinals in models where the axiom of choice fails. We will see this time that if either ≤ or ≤∗ has some fixed finite k such that every antichain has less than k members, then the axiom of choice holds. We will also discuss some of the questions left open.


The material also appears on the following page.

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