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7th European Set Theory Conference, Vienna, July 1-5, 2019

The 7th European Set Theory Conference of the European Set Theory Society will take place in Vienna,  July 1 – 5, 2019.

The list of invited speakers include:

  • Jörg Brendle (Kobe University)
  • Mirna Džamonja (University of East Anglia)
  • Moti Gitik (Tel Aviv University)
  • Alexander Kechris (Caltech)
  • Piotr Koszmider (Polish of Academy of Sciences)
  • Maryanthe Malliaris (University of Chicago)
  • Justin Moore (Cornell University)
  • Dima Sinapova (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Slawomir Solecki (Cornell University)
  • Boaz Tsaban (Bar-Ilan University)
  • Anush Tserunyan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Matteo Viale (University of Torino)

12th Young Set Theory Workshop, Vienna, June 24 – 28, 2019

This year’s Young Set Theory Workshop will take place in Vienna, Austria, June 24 – 28, 2019.

The program consists of 6 tutorials, four one hour lectures by each speaker.

The speakers are:

  • Jörg Brendle (Kobe University)
  • Justin Moore (Cornell University)
  • Alexander Kechris (Caltech)
  • Slawomir Solecki (Cornell University)
  • Matteo Viale (University of Torino)
  • Hugh Woodin (Harvard University)

The tutorials will be accompanied by discussion sessions. The topics and session leaders will be announced closer to the conference.

call for nominations for the Hausdorff medal 2019

The European Set Theory Society would like to announce a call for nominations for the Hausdorff Medal 2019. 
This prize rewards the most influential work (i.e. paper) in set theory published between 01.01.2014 and 31.12.2018.
The first prize was awarded to Hugh Woodin in 2013 and the second one to Ronald Jensen and John Steel in 2015 and the third one to Maryanthe Malliaris and Saharon Shelah in 2017.
For more information on the previous winners see:

The deadline for nominations is Dec 31 2018. With your nomination, please include a short letter motivating your proposal. 

In the name of the board of Trustees of the ESTS,
Boban Velickovic

Axiomatic set theory and its applications, Kyoto, November 5 – 8, 2018


Workshop on Axiomatic set theory and its applications


Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences


November 5 – 8, 2018


Kyoto, Japan


ORGANIZER: Hiroaki Minami (Aichi Gakuin)
MINICOURSE: Dilip Raghavan (National University of Singapore)
SPEAKERS: Teruyuki Yorioka (Shizuoka University)
Hiroshi Sakai (Kobe University)
Sean Cox (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Ulises Ariet Ramos García (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Morelia)
Diego A. Mejia (Shizuoka University)
CARDONA MONTOYA Miguel Antonio (TU Wien)
David Chodounský (Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences)
Francesco Parente (University of East Anglia)
Monroe Eskew (Kurt Gödel Research Center)
Daisuke Ikegami (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Viera Šottová (Charles University)
Tadatoshi Miyamoto (Nanzan University)
André Ottenbreit Maschio Rodrigues (Kobe University)
Tristan Bice (Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences)
Vincenzo Dimonte (University of Udine)
Yasuo Yoshinobu (Nagoya University)
Yo Matsubara (Nagoya University)
David Aspero (University of East Anglia)
Kenta Tsukuura (Tsukuba University)
PARTICIPANTS: Jörg Brendle (Kobe University)
Tomoya Otsuka (Chiba University)
Yoshihiro Abe (Kanagawa University)
Ken Shiotani (Waseda University)
Kengo Norimatsu (Kobe University)
Edwin Phease (Kobe University)
Mika Ito (Mie University)


Reflections on Set Theoretic Reflection, Sant Bernat, November 16-19, 2018

Reflections on Set Theoretic Reflection

 16-19 November 2018

Sant Bernat, Montseny, Catalonia


Set Theory Conference

Organised in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute

Keynote Speakers

  • Peter Koellner (Harvard)
  • Paul Larson (Miami)
  • Menachem Magidor (Jerusalem)
  • Jouko Väänänen (Helsinki and Amsterdam)
  • W. Hugh Woodin (Harvard)



  • David Asperó (UEA, Norwich)
  • Carles Casacuberta (IMUB, Barcelona)
  • Miguel Ángel Mota (ITAM, México)
  • Konstantinos Tsaprounis (UAegean, Samos)


Venue and Accommodation

The event will take place at Hotel Sant Bernat, located in the Montseny natural park, in Catalonia.


Lodging rates are in Euros and include three hotel nights with three meals per day (from lunch on Friday 16 up to breakfast on Monday 19) plus tourist taxes.


  • Double room for single use: 427 €
  • Shared double room: 317 €
  • Shared triple room: 295 €


There is the possibility of arriving earlier and/or departing later from the hotel. In such a case, the additional costs are as follows (room prices refer to one extra night, including breakfast):


  • Double room for single use: 70 €
  • Shared double room: 43 €
  • Lunch on Monday: 26 €



Both on Friday 16 (arrival) and on Monday 19 (departure), transportation between El Prat airport of Barcelona and the hotel, passing through downtown Barcelona, will be arranged by the organisers. The bus ride from the airport to the hotel can take around two hours.


Further information on location and transportation is given here, including a map, bus schedule, car ride directions, train and taxi options.



The registration fee amounts to 75 € and includes a welcome cocktail, coffee breaks, and a mushroom hunting snack on Saturday 17. Instructions for registration and payment will be sent to pre-registered participants. Please contact the organisers for pre-registration.


List of Participants

So far the following people have pre-registered for the conference.


You may contact the organisers either directly or via the e-mail address 2018bagaria60 AT gmail DOT com.



The organisers gratefully acknowledge support from the Clay Mathematics Institute, the Foundation Compositio Mathematica, and the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Barcelona.

50 Years of Set Theory in Toronto, Fields institute, May 13-17, 2019

  50 Years of Set Theory in Toronto, May 13-17, 2019

This conference will celebrate  the 50th anniversary of the Toronto Set Theory Seminar. Its purpose is to introduce and/or survey contemporary work in the areas currently investigated by Seminar members. The conference will  take place at the Fields Institute in Toronto, and is supported by the Fields, NSF, and NSERC. Requests to be placed on the conference mailing list and other correspondence may  be directed to Those who have already  written to the lead organizer asking to be placed on the mailing list need not write  again. The  conference  website is As planning proceeds, more information will  be posted there.

The invited speakers include L. Aurichi, B. Braga, C. Brech, N. Dobrinen, A. Dow, C. Eagle, V. Fischer, O. Guzman, M. Hrusak, I. Juhasz, P. Koszmider, W. Kubis, P. Larson, M. Magidor, J. Moore, Y. Peng, A. Rinot, D. Soukup, and A. Tornquist. Some others are not yet confirmed.

There will be poster sessions for contributed papers. Please send abstracts of proposed talks to

The registration fee is $100 Canadian (approximately $75 U.S.). Details as to how to pay will be announced later.

There will be a separate event for graduates of the seminar on May 12th.

Some support is available for graduate students and postdocs outside Toronto, especially U.S.-based ones. Apply by sending a c.v. to the above address, and by asking your supervisor to send us a recommendation letter. Graduate students and postdocs at York University and the University of Toronto can ask their supervisors to pay their registration fees from NSERC operating grants.

The local organizing committee consists of Franklin D. Tall (lead organizer), Ilijas Farah, Juris Steprans, Paul Szeptycki, Stevo Todorcevic, and William Weiss. The conference secretary is Mateusz Olechnowicz.

Information about accommodations, transportation, etc. can be found on the Fields Institute. website:

Those needing Canadian visas should apply well in advance. We can supply letters of invitation upon request.

Special session on Large cardinals and combinatorial set theory, Ann Arbor, October 20-21, 2018

Paul Larson and Andrés E Caicedo are co-organizing a special session at the Fall Central Sectional Meeting 2018 in Ann Arbor, on Large cardinals and combinatorial set theory. The session will take place Saturday October 20 and Sunday October 21.

Special Session on Large Cardinals and Combinatorial Set Theory




Set-Theoretic Topology and Topological Algebra

Professor Alexander Vladimirovich Arhangelskii more than forty-five years works at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, of which over thirty years in the position of professor. A.V. Arhangelskii is a pupil of Academician P.S. Alexandroff, who, together with P.S. Uryson founded the Russian (Soviet) topological school. And to this day the Russian topological school is one of the best in the world. His scientific results became classical and laid the foundation for such scientific areas as topological algebra, spaces of continuous functions, topological homogeneity. He wrote more than 330 works, more than fifty times A.V. Arhangelskii was an invited speaker at international conferences and symposiums. Monographs of A.V. Arhangel’skii “Topological function spaces”, “Cantor set theory”, “Finite-dimensional vector spaces”, “Topological groups and related structures” (joint with M.G. Tkachenko) and joint with V.I. Ponomarev textbook “Fundamentals of General Topology in Problems and Exercises” became reference books for many mathematicians and translated into foreign languages. He established in Russia an authoritative scientific school: among the students of A.V. Arhangelskii 37 candidates and doctors of science, among them more than 20 professors.

Topics include:
  1. Set-Theoretic Topology
  2. Mappings and Spaces
  3. Topological groups
  4. Topological function spaces


Lomonosov Moscow State University, Механико-математический факультет

Programme Committee:

V.A. Sadovnichy (chairman) – Academician, rector of Moscow Lomonosov State University S.P. Gul’ko – Head of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Theory of Functions of Tomsk State University J. van Mill – professor University of Amsterdam (Nerthelands) M.G. Tkachenko – professor Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (Mexico) V.V. Uspenskii – professor  Ohio University (USA) V.V. Filippov – professor Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow Lomonosov State University M.M. Choban – Academician AN Moldova,  Head of the Department of Algebra, Geometry and Topology of Tiraspol State University

Organizing Committee:

V.N. Chubarikov (co-chairman) – Acting Dean of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow Lomonosov State University Yu.V. Sadovnichy (co-chairman) – Head of the Department of General Topology and Geometry of Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow Lomonosov State University D.P. Baturov – associate professor of Orel State University A.N. Karpov – associate professor of Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow Lomonosov State University K.L. Kozlov – professor of Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow Lomonosov State University O.I. Pavlov – associate professor of RUDN University E.A. Reznichenko – associate professor of Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow Lomonosov State University O.V. Sipacheva – principal researcher of Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow Lomonosov State University A.N. Yakivchik – associate professor of Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow Lomonosov State University I.V. Yaschenko – principal of the Center for Pedagogical Excellence in the City of Moscow  


Please address all correspondence related to the conference to:

Cost of participation

The conference fee is 1000 roubles.

Appalachian Set Theory workshop: Dilip Raghavan, June 2, 2018

Appalachian set theory

Saturday, June 2, 2018

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. with coffee and lunch breaks

Carnegie Mellon University

Refreshments in Wean Hall 6220

Breakfast and coffee starting at 7:30

Dilip Raghavan : “Boolean ultrapowers and iterated forcing”


In joint work with Saharon Shelah, we develop a new method for proving consistency results on cardinal invariants, particularly results involving the invariant . This method can be used with a wide range of forcing notions, including arbitrary ccc posets. However the method always requires a supercompact cardinal κ in the ground model and produces forcing extensions in which the desired invariants sit above κ. Another feature of our method is that it generalizes to cardinal invariants above ω, and can be used to give uniform consistency proofs that work at any regular cardinal. It can also be used to treat situations where three cardinal invariants must be separated. In particular, our technique solves various long standing open problems about cardinal invariants at uncountable regular cardinals. All the results use Boolean ultrapowers, studied by Keisler and other model theorists in the 1960s. I will aim to give a fairly self contained introduction to this method and to some to its applications to the theory of cardinal invariants.

Suggested reading

Local information

The nearest airport is Pittsburgh International Airport. The Supershuttle shared van service is cheaper but slower than taking a taxi from the airport.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LODGING: A block of rooms earmarked for attendees has been set aside at a local hotel (the Shadyside Inn). If we are covering your lodging expenses then we will need to make a reservation for you. Please don’t make your own reservation if we have promised you support, this will cause confusion and may make it impossible for us to reimburse you.

Participant travel support

Funds provided by the National Science Foundation will be used to reimburse some participant transportation and lodging expenses. Priority will be given to students and faculty who do not hold federal research grants. Please request such funds as far in advance of the meeting as possible by sending the following information to the email address

  • Your name, university affiliation, mailing address, phone number and email address
  • Your nationality and visa status
  • Your professional status and some additional information:
    • Undergraduate students: please describe your background in set theory
    • Graduate students: please tell us your year and the name of your thesis advisor if you have one
    • Faculty: please tell us whether you hold a federal research grant
  • A brief statement about your interest in the workshop

Takeuti Memorial Symposium, Kobe, September 18 – 20, 2018

AML 2018 – Takeuti Memorial Symposium

Symposium on Advances in Mathematical Logic 2018

Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Gaisi Takeuti (1926-2017)

September 18 (Tue) – 20 (Thu), 2018

Kobe, Japan


Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the international conference

SAML 2018 / Takeuti Memorial Symposium
Symposium on Advances in Mathematical Logic 2018
Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Gaisi Takeuti (1926-2017)

This will take place from September 18th to 20th, 2018,
at the Takigawa Memorial Hall, Rokkodai Campus, Kobe University, in Japan.

Program comittee:
Toshiyasu Arai (Chiba)
Makoto Kikuchi (Kobe)
Satoru Kuroda (Gunma Prefectural Women’s University)
Mitsuhiro Okada (Keio University)
Teruyuki Yorioka (Shizuoka)

Confirmed invited speakers:
Samuel R. Buss (San Diego)
Wilfried Sieg (CMU)
Mariko Yasugi (Kyoto)
(Other invited speakers will be announced later.)

Mathematical logic and related areas including (but not restricted to)
proof theory, set theory, computability theory, model theory, philosophical
logic, theoretical computer science, philosophy of mathematics.

Contributed talks:
Each contributed talk is planned to be approx. 30 min
(this may change according to the number of talks).

Proceedings Volume:
The proceedings volume of selected and revised papers based on the talks
will be published after the symposium.

Important Dates (tentative):
Deadline of abstracts for contributed talks: July 31, 2018
Symposium: September 18-20, 2018
Deadline of full papers for the proceedings volume: March, 2019
Publication of the proceedings volume: December 2019

The reception will be held on September 18th evening at Takigawa Memorial
(conference venue). It will cost 4,000JPY (tentative).
The banquet (Toshiyasu Arai 60th birthday celebration) will be held on
September 19th evening.
It will cost 12,000JPY (tentative). The place will be announced later.

Send an e-mail to Teruyuki Yorioka with subject “SAML2018”, and please provide the following information.
The deadline of the registration is July 31st, 2018.

  • Name:
  • Affiliation:
  • E-mail:
  • Contributed talk: (yes/no) if yes, please attach title and abstract (about5 to 10 lines)
  • Parties: Reception (yes/no), Banquet (yes/no)

For any inquiry concerning the workshop, please contact

Makoto Kikuchi
Teruyuki Yorioka