Set Theory events in Poland, September 15-19, 2014

Thematic session in set theory at the dmv-ptm joint meeting, Workshop in set theory. Będlewo, Poznań 14-17-20.09.2014.

  • Arrival in Będlewo – the evening of Sunday, 14.09.
  • Workshop activities – Monday, Tuesday, 15,16.09.
  • Bus from Będlewo to Poznań – the morning of Wednesday, 17.09.
  • Checking into the hotels in Poznań – the morning of Wednesday, 17.09.
  • Joint DMV-PTM meeting, Set Theory Thematic Session at afternoon sessions – 17,18,19.09
  • Checking out – the morning of Saturday, 20.09.

The following mathematicians confirmed their lectures at the thematic session:



  • Joan Bagaria (ICREA, Barcelona)
  • Tomek Bartoszynski (NSF)
  • Alexander Block (Hamburg)
  • Piotr Borodulin-Nadzieja (Wrocław)
  • Joerg Brendle (Kobe) TBC
  • David Choudonsky (AV CR Prague)
  • Sy Friedman (KGRC Vienna)
  • Stefan Geschke (Hamburg)
  • Peter Koepke (Bonn)
  • Giorgio Laguzzi (Hamburg)
  • Aleksandra Kwiatkowska (UCLA)
  • Maciej Malicki (SGH, Warsaw)
  • Heike Mildenberger (Freiburg)
  • Lionel Nguyen Van The (Marseille)
  • Janusz Pawlikowski (Wrocław)
  • Philipp Schlicht (Bonn)
  • Wojciech Stadnicki (Wrocław)
  • Boban Velickovic (Paris 7)
  • Philip Welch (Bristol)
  • Piotr Zakrzewski (Warsaw)
  • Jindra Zapletal (Gainesville, AV CR Prague)







  • Organization and sponsors:


  • Workshop program:
    • Stevo Todorcevic will give a minicourse on Ramsey Theory at the workshop
    • The workshop program will include a couple of long invited lectures and short contributed talks
    • The details will appear here later


  • Thematic Session program:
    • Thematic session will take place at afternoon sessions of the DMV-PTM Meeting
    • There will be about 20-24 invited 25 minutes lectures.
    • The details will appear here later


  • Support for students:
    • There will be several grants covering all the costs of the participaton in the workshop for graduate students. One can apply for these grants when registering for the workshop. Students are encouraged to give talks about their results.
    • There may be some grants covering the registration fee for the participaton in the thematic session for graduate students. One can apply for these grants when registering for the workshop. However this is uncertain, so graduate students should apply for the support for the DMV-PTM meeting at their institutions.


  • Contributed Talks:
    • There will be a possibility of giving contributed talks at the workshop. One can submit a proposal of a talk when registering to the workshop


  • Registration:
    • Everyone (including the speakers at the session) willing to participate in the thematic session should register for the DMV-PTM meeting webpage. This requires paying the fee. Partially supported speakers will have the fee reimbursed later.
    • The registration for the workshop will be open on March 1st at this webpage. There will be a small registration fee (400PLN/100Euro/140USD). This covers a single room with bathroom and the meals at Będlewo. The number of participants of the workshop is limited to 45.


  • Accommodation:
    • We have a reservation for 45 single rooms in the Będlewo Conference Center
    • We hope to have a block reservation at a hotel in Poznań, detailed information should appear here later
    • In Poznań one can use the student dormitory style accommodation suggested by the DMV-PTM meeting organizers, for this see their webpage.


  • Transportation:
    • Poznań has an international airport and a well-connected train station
    • We hope to provide some help in getting to Będlewo from Poznań airport and the train station on 14.09.
    • There will be a rented bus taking the participants of the workshop from Będlewo to Poznań on 17.09 in the morning.
  • Contact:

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