Shehzad Ahmed: Inner model theory

Boise Set Theory Seminar
Monday, October 21 from 3-4pm
Room M 136

Speaker: Shehzad Ahmed (BSU)

Title: Inner Model Theory I: Setting and Tools

Abstract: This talk is the first in a sequence of talks, the purpose of which is to outline some of the motivations, tools, and themes of inner model theory. As the purpose is expository, and in order to make this a manageable project, the setting will be non-fine structural. Special attention will be paid to $\mathcal{M}_0^{\sharp}$ and $L$.

In this particular talk, our goal is to set the stage and discuss some of the basic tools of inner model theory. Here, the focus will be on elementary embeddings, the ultraproduct construction, linear iterations, and making concrete the idea of canonical inner models for “small” large cardinals.


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