Shimon Garti: Galvin’s property

Students Set Theory Seminar (HUJI)

We shall meet this Wednesday, as usual, in Ross 70 at 11:00 for Magidor’s lecture, and again at 14:00 for the students seminar (details below).

Shelah’s lecture will also take place as usual and will continue from last week.

This week in the students seminar.

Speaker: Shimon Garti

Title: Galvin’s property

Abstract: We shall see that Galvin’s property (for large intersection of club sets) follows from the Devlin-Shelah weak diamond, but independent of it. Moreover, it is independent also over Martin’s axiom. However, we suspect that the PFA implies the negation of Galvin’s property, and we shall prove a weak form of this result.

See you there!

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