Alex Rennet is a postdoc in the Mathematics department at the University of Toronto working under the supervision of Bill Weiss. His research focus right now is in o-minimality and in particular, ultraproducts of o-minimal structures.

He received his PhD in 2012 from UC Berkeley, under the supervision of Thomas Scanlon.

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Recent and upcoming talks by Alex Rennet

This Week in Logic at CUNY

  NY Philosophical Logic Group  Time: 4-6pm, Monday, April 22nd Place: 2nd floor seminar room, Philosophy Department, NYU (5 Washington Place). Speaker: Geoff Hellman, University of Minnesota Title: ” On Resolving the Set-Theoretic and Semantic Paradoxes” Abstract: Our main goals are, first, to describe how modal structuralism resolves the set-theoretic paradoxes, concentrating on the Burali-Forti paradox, and then to note a close connection to recent proposals (due to Cook and Schlenker, independently) for resolving semantic paradoxes, especially the Liar. continue reading…

2013 North American Annual ASL Meeting, May 8 – 11, 2013

2013 ASL North American Annual Meeting Waterloo, Ontario, Canada May 8–May 11, 2013 The invited speakers include: U. Andrews, M. Aschenbrenner, R. Blute, D. Kerr, C. McLarty, D. Sinapova, T. Slaman, M. continue reading…

14/Dec/2012: Trevor Wilson and Alex Rennet

14/December/2012, 11:o0–12:00 Fields institute,Room 230 Speaker: Trevor Wilson Title: Well-behaved measures and weak covering for derived models Abstract: For an inner model $M$ containing all the reals and satisfying the Axiom of Determinacy, we show that countably complete measures over $M$ on ordinals less than $\Theta^M$ are “well-behaved.” In particular every such measure is ordinal-definable from $M$, generalizing a theorem of Kunen that says “AD implies that every measure on an ordinal less than Theta is ordinal-definable.” This generalization is useful in constructing weak homogeneity systems consisting of measures over $M$. continue reading…