Dana Bartošová finished her master degree at the VU University
Amsterdam in 2008 under supervision of Klaas Pieter Hart and at the
Charles University in Prague in 2009 under supervision of Petr Simon.
Her thesis won the first prize in the Student Research Project in
Mathematics and Informatics 2009.

Currently, Dana is a doctoral student of Stevo Todorcevic at the
University of Toronto.

She likes to work on interactions between various fields of
mathematics. In her master’s studies, she worked on applications of
model theory into continuum theory and currently she is working on
interactions between topological dynamics, set theory, model theory
and finite combinatorics.

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Recent and upcoming talks by Dana Bartošová

South-Eastern Logic Colloquium 2015, February 28 – March 1, 2015

The South-Eastern Logic Colloquium 2015 will take place during the weekend of February 28/ March 1, 2015, at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. We will also have a colloquium talk on Friday February 27 4pm by Henry Towsner.   continue reading…

Dana Bartosova: Approximate Ramsey properties and topological dynamics

Time: Mon, 08/Dec/2014 – 4:00pm – 5:30pm Speaker: Dana Bartosova (University of Sao Paulo) Location: RH 440R Title: Approximate Ramsey properties and topological dynamics Abstract: The interplay between structural Ramsey theory and topological dynamics of automorphism groups has been extensively studied since their connection was established in a paper by Kechris-Pestov-Todorcevic, while earlier works of Pestov, and Glasned and Weiss exhibited the phenomena in special cases. continue reading…

Double session at Fields Institute (D. Bartosova and A. Rinot)

Place: Fields Institute, Room 210 Date: 17-October- 2014 Time: 12:30-15:00 Speaker 1 (from 12:30 to 13:30): Dana Bartosova Title: Finite Gowers’ Theorem and the Lelek fan Abstract: The Lelek fan is a unique non-degenrate subcontinuum of the Cantor fan with a dense set of endpoints. continue reading…

Novi Sad Conference in Set Theory and General Topology, August 18-21, 2014

The SETTOP 2014 conference will take place August 18-21 in Novi Sad, Serbia. http://www.dmi.uns.ac.rs/settop/ Topics: Set Theory Model Theory General Topology Invited speakers: Dana Bartošová (Sao Paolo) Piotr Borodulin-Nadzieja (Wroclaw) Jan van Mill (Amsterdam) Justin Moore (Ithaca, NY) Stevo Todorčević (Paris – Toronto) Scientific Committee: Joan Bagaria (Barcelona) Mirna Džamonja (Norwich) Sy Friedman (Vienna) István Juhász (Budapest) Miloš Kurilić (Novi Sad) continue reading…

Logic, Dynamics, and Their Interactions II, June 2 – 6, 2014

Logic, Dynamics, and Their Interactions II June 2 – 6, 2014 University of North Texas Denton, TX Registration is now open!  Click here to register online.  Speakers will talk on descriptive set theory, ergodic theory, dynamical systems, and other related topics. continue reading…

Ramsey theory conference, May 24 – 28, 2014

Ramsey theory conference, University of Denver. May 24–28, 2014 The aim of this conference is to bring together students and researchers from around the world in the field of Ramsey Theory. continue reading…

Dana Bartosova: Lelek fan from a projective Fraisse limit

31/January/2014, 13:30–15:00 Fields institute, Room 210 Speaker:  Dana Bartosova Title:  Lelek fan from a projective Fraisse limit Abstract: The Lelek fan is the unique subcontinuum of the Cantor fan whose set of endpoints is dense. continue reading…

INFTY Final Conference, March 4-7 2014

The INFTY Final Conference marks the conclusion of the European Science Foundation Research Networking Programme INFTY – New frontiers of infinity: mathematical, philosophical, and computational prospects. The INFTY network is devoted to the study of a wide range of aspects of Infinity. continue reading…

Dana Bartosova: Unique amenability of topological groups

Monday, November 4, 2013, 16.30 Seminar room 0.011, Mathematical Institute, University of Bonn Speaker: Dana Bartosova (HIM Bonn) Title: Unique amenability of topological groups Abstract: A topological group is uniquely amenable if every ambit admits exactly one invariant probability measure. continue reading…

Dana Bartosova: Filter dynamical systems II

26/April/2013, 13:30–15:00 Fields institute,Room 210 Speaker: Dana Bartosova Title: Filter dynamical systems II Abstract: This time, we will focus on general topological groups and show that many dynamical notions naturally translate into the language of filters. continue reading…